Umdla is a majority black owned Civils Construction and Project Management company operating from its premises in Cape Town, Blackheath Industrial.


About Us

Though Umdla is in its embryo stage as an established entity, the team forming the core have a wealth of experience and exposure within the Construction industry. Collectively Umdla boasts more than 80 years of construction experience spanning both the Private Sector as well as the Municipal environment.

At Umdla our experience and tenacity in delivering quality provides us the confidence to offer services that cover a wide range of expertise. In order to address the immediate needs identified within the industry, the following are the focal points of our service delivery (we are in no way limited to these though):

-   Road construction (including parking areas and sidewalks)
-   Road rehabilitation (road repairs)
-   Road furniture and infrastructure replacement
-   Kerb and channel installations
-   Manhole construction and installation
-   Sub-surface drainage installation
-   Brick Paving (parking, sidewalks, roadways etc.) including all associated layers
-   Premix (asphalt surfaces)
-   Minor water infrastructure remedial work (including meter installations)

Umdla comprises a number of small teams which can be allocated independently to undertake a particular task or as a group depending on the size and complexity of the project requirements. Each team is fully equipped to undertake the work as listed above.

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We strive to lessen the burden that many larger more established companies experience as a result of higher overhead costs which invariably tie a company down when it comes to finishing off a project and ultimately achieve practical completion. We strive to make a difference in the construction industry while at the same time being able to provide a quality end product to all our clients at a rate which is affordable. This allows for peace of mind for our clients with the knowledge that a quality end product can still be procured within a reasonable budget. Companies can now apply their focus on moving forward, almost unhindered.


The finishing component of most projects can be time-consuming with inevitable rising costs. That is where Umdla can step in and offer its service and support in taking the project to the point where handover can comfortably be instituted.

Umdla is a conglomeration of experienced and dynamic individuals sourced and incorporated from a number of different environments, providing the platform for the company to grow and deliver a more specific end product to serve the needs of the ever growing and changing Civil Environment, strictly in accordance with the needs of each respective client.

We were launched as the younger sister company of the reputable, more established and recognised Nejeni Construction company and operate autonomously though alongside. The need for the provision of a service that focuses primarily on remedial work and reinstatements for the general construction environment stimulated the birth and establishment of Umdla. Currently we operate as a BBBEE entity Level 3.

We strive to deliver a service to all our clients/customers that is moulded exclusively to the very needs of each of the prospective clients. Each project is undertaken with pride and executed with commitment, never compromising on quality.

A passion for a quality end product regardless of the complexity is what drives us to deliver on time, within specification and on budget. Our vast experience within the Civil industry gives us the confidence to deliver nothing short of the best for our clients.

The sustainability of Umdla Civils as a formidable and committed Civil Engineering entity is embodied within the principles upon which they were established:

  Our Principles

Work ethics
Remaining abreast of all the latest technology and incorporating these into operational activities where necessary
Staff empowerment and relevant training
ISO Process. Operating our business so that we can prepare ourselves for accreditation
Operating within the statutory regulatory requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
Quality workmanship – no compromise
Quality material sourced from reputable companies

 Our Goals

To be recognised as a formidable, reliable, output focused construction entity with unquestionable integrity in delivering an end product to all our prospective clients
To undertake all our operations within the confines of the various regulations governing the Civils industry (Workmans Compensation, OHSA, CIDB, BBBEE
To be considered as the number one company of choice with respect to getting the project signed off and approved at the right cost and on time
To be a pinnacle of excellence, sharing and guiding other smaller entities to deliver above expectations.

 Our Projects

A vast number of projects varying in size and nature have been successfully undertaken and delivered to the respective clients. Some of the projects (though not limted to these) are noted below:
Road reinstatements
Brick-paving to driveways and entrance areas
Kerb and channel installations
Stormwater upgrading
Manhole reconstruction
Cable trench reinstatements on sidewalks and roadways

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Widening of existing road surface (kerbs and all associated road layers) at the N1 City Ford premises to accommodate expansions. Duration 3 weeks. Existing kerb-line was removed to accommodate the widening of the road. The existing road was approximately 800mm higher than the adjacent sidewalk which presented a challenge in constructing the road prism without compromising the pavement layers in the long run. Existing road was still being used whilst construction was underway.

Reinstatement work undertaken in 3rd and 6th Avenue in Lotus River. The project entailed all the reinstatements required post the installation of a new pipe line that crossed numerous roads and driveways as a result of open trench excavations. The reinstatements included all road layers (subbase, base course, prime and premix) and compliance testing per layer. There were a number of driveways and sidewalks also requiring brick-paving reinstatements where these had been affected in the pipelaying process

Trench reinstatement work for companies installing electrical cabling within the sidewalks and road crossings (Powerrec). The installation of cables and ducts by various companies in an effort to expand their existing network and infrastructure has created an opportunity for companies such as UMDLA who are geared up to targeting reinstatements on trenches with a very short turnaround time. These projects vary extensively and can involve trenches as short as 30m up to 4/5km in length. Quality workmanship is of utmost importance in these projects as there is no room for an inferior lackadaisical approach

The installation of a premix surface for a parking area at a hospital in Langebaan (1250m2) as well as the linked access road. The work required that the existing parking area and entrance to the hospital be redone as a result of purely lack of maintenance. Existing layers were removed and redone with a final layer of premix laid by hand.

Road reinstatement work at a myriad of sites where emergency sewer repairs were undertaken. Once the sewer connection beneath the ground has been resolved and the service reinstated, we arrive and complete the reinstatement of the road surface and associated layers. We have equipped ourselves to be able to deal with small isolated reinstatements (from 2m2 up to 10m2) but at the same time to also deal with larger reinstatements of up to 450m2

Refurbishment and replacement of existing stormwater culverts. Existing box culverts which were used as a conduit for the transport of road run-off (Storm-water) were constructed directly above a sewer network which required replacement. This inevitably meant that the culverts had to be removed, the storm-water accommodated and then post the pipe replacement process had to be reinstated. This included the backfilling beneath, the stone bedding layer, concrete bedding and the installation of the box culverts. The box culverts were 3,7m wide and and 1,6m deep.

Brick-paving of Church parking area in Bellville (540m2). The Church required additional parking facilities and opted to have this contracted and finished off in Brick Paving which was aesthetically more appealing than the standard premix finish. The area that required a new surface was not level and sloped in 3 different directions. The underlying layers needed to be constructed, compacted and levelled before the paving process could commence. There was a need to also work within confined spaces between existing infrastructure to ensure minimum disruption to those desiring access to the premises.

Kerb and channel installations in the V & A Waterfront and other parking areas. There is often the need to rearrange the parking environment within existing facilities and invariably this involves the removal and relaying of the kerb-line to accommodate the changes.

Brick-paving project at a Housing Complex in Bothasig (in excess of 10 000m2). The construction of a new shopping complex in Bothasig required the expertise to undertake the implementation of a paved entrance as well as parking facility for patrons to the facility. This involved the construction of the base layer and the laying of bricks over the entire area. Once all the bricks had been laid, all the relevant parking demarcation and general road markings were finalised.


As a construction company undertaking remedial and reinstatement work, we find ourselves focused primarily on work within the road reserve as this is where the need appears to be the greatest. We add the “cherry to the cake” so to say, when a project is being undertaken.

Besides the remedial work we are also adept at tasks associated with the following activities:

General construction within the Civil Industry (concrete structures, roads, pavements etc.)
Bulk meter installations
Meter installations and replacements
Effective Project Management
Contracts Administration
Demand Side Management

In our endeavours to make a difference and be effective we will be focusing our resources to assisting with projects where non-core activities of the primary contractor need to be dealt with in a professional and qualitative manner. Typically these will include the following:

Extensions to existing road infrastructure undertaken by Property Developers
Remedial work to existing road infrastructure (rehabilitation) for construction companies as part of their EDP (Enterprise Development Programme)
New roads and parking areas for Property developments
Reinstatements to roads, driveways and sidewalks linked to projects undertaken by other construction entities (sub-contract service level agreements)
New Roads, sidewalks, driveways for larger construction companies where
Sub-contract agreements for the installation of water meters


Herewith a number of projects undertaken to date.

Our Team

Umdla comprises 7 directors/stakeholders each with their own profile and function. The majority of the stakeholders and directors channel their input into supporting Umdla while being active growing and developing Nejeni Construction. The actual on the ground operations of Umdla are being directly managed and controlled by two of the directors/stakeholders, supported by the ever present experienced management body of Nejeni directors.

Donnavin Wright
An extensive amount of experience in the construction industry gained within 25 years, Donnavin honed his engineering skills in his first 10 years whilst in the employ of Savage and Lovemore (Group 5), being exposed to a diverse spectrum of projects. In the ensuing period of 12 years the Municipal environment became his hunting ground for further development focusing attention of maintenance and design of road infrastructure, installation of varying technologies (water and sewerage) and maintenance of existing infrastructure within the Informal Settlements and the sustainable use and control of water usage throughout Cape Town. The Municipal environment provided the platform to engage at all levels and structures and to understand the proper functioning of a service delivery entity. A thirst for knowledge and good practice has ensured steadfast growth and the ability to add value to any environment.

Admin support
Many of the administrative tasks are undertaken by the existing admin component of Nejeni Construction (headed up by Liz Cronje and Errol Parsons) so as to ensure alignment of all processes which are ISO accredited, paving and preparing the way for Umdla to ultimately apply for the same accreditation.

How we operate
We function autonomously though still under the umbrella of Nejeni Construction, the Mother Company. Our business compliments and often criss-crosses that of the Mother company, allowing Nejeni to focus on their core business. This environment provides an opportunity for Umdla to take on non-core activities of Nejeni which are ultimately the core functions of Umdla.
We offer our services to developers and contractors who require expertise in adding the final touch to their respective contracts to ensure a smooth and successful handover of projects.

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Heike Wilken


Diane Daniels


Nico Wilken


Donnavin Wright


Cliff Swart


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Thank you for your interest in Umdla Civils. We are keen to answer your questions about our services and look forward to hearing from you.


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